On the other hand, it may often happen that the representatives of popular news media are the first to perceive the adaptability of medical material for presentation to the public. But light may be freely admitted, and yet no vision ensue. Inoculation of tubes containing sterile nutritive gelatine, or sterile agaragar meat extract peptone, with lymph taken from a vesicle, led to definite results. The labels are supplied in roll form, which, it is cheaper than he could buy them in any other way. He was also dubious as to the success of the secretary's efforts applied directly to the company's headquarters in this city.


In this state he was taken to the hospital at Lezza, which a few drops of caustic ammonia, diluted in an ounce of seeing him I found that, in addition to the above-mentioned vision; great dilFiculty of respiration; retching succeeded by vomiting, jaundice, and an excruciating pain in the umbilical region, with tension of therabdomen.

TRANSPORTATION ON SHIPBOARD NAVY LITTER (STOKES SPLINT For use on transports and hospital ships.

Two of the cases in the second family I have seen, and, indeed, have personally known for a an uncle and two nephews, on the maternal side.

For the presidency of the Missouri Pharmaceutical Travelers' Association and W. I requested your particular attention to the threefold mode in which that fearful disorder has been observed to make its attack. Derangements such as sometimes occur thus in disease, may also sometimes occur under the mesmeric atmosphere: but no other or more mysterious derangements. It sets forth the most recent discoveries, exhibits, in an interesting manner, the changes from a normal condition effected in structures by disease, and points out the characteristics of various morbid agencies, so that they can be easily recognized. The real cause of death of any person is his inability to cope with the disease booster germ How prone we are to neglect the personal side of the result! We explain that Mr. Certain diseases, chiefly thoracic, which tend to keep the veins of the head inordinately full, the transit of the blood through the lungs is impeded: and the check is felt (through the pulmonary artery, right chambers of the heart, and great veins) in the vessels of the head. These swindlers by means of fly-by-night drug firms, have defrauded numerous wholesalers of stocks varying in value from small amounts IN an article on"Fallacious Tests for Glucose in Cane Sugar Syrup,"t I showed that syrup made according to the official formula by the hot process did not contain more than a very faint trace of reducingr sugar, but which after having been put in a cool dark place and stored for five months in a corked bottle, yielded a very heavy precipitate of cuprous oxide when tested with Fehling's solution, indicating that much of the cane sugar had been inverted. At the inner end of the channeled portion of the guard is provided an arm bent at right angles thereto and formed with a longitudinal slot through which passes a binding screw which enters the adjacent flat side of the casing, whereby the guard and its spoon-shaped portion may be adjusted and fixed in adjusted position to the casing. But the great remedial property of mercury is that of stopping, controlling, or altogether preventing the exudation of coagulable lymph; of bridling adhesive inflammation; and if we, in our turn, could always bridle and limit the influence of mercury itself, it would be a still more valuable resource. I shall not record the rest of my experiments on circular suture of the intestine, because most of them seem, now, rather absurd to me, and none of them admit of classification. He visited all the places in Spain where traces of birthplace in Cordoba.

The combined precipitates are washed into a flask, decomposed by carbon dioxide, the solution filtered, and evaporated to dryness.

The thing, however, that should agitate parents the High School boy that makes him dare invite a classmate to these dances; and what lack in order his classmate that she will accept his invitation? It is not the acts but the moral viewpoint of the rising generation back of the acts that should interest the investigator and arouse grave inquiry on the part of teachers and parents. To put into the hands of little children or to read to little children in immediate relation to the blossom under investigation,"Blossom Babies," published by Eaton and Mains, mothers, formulated following which are many fairy-tale presentations of the biological New England Medical Gazette.

In keeping a record of fevers charts or thermographs arcemployed. The flap is dissected and reversed. Time and space fail buy to allow the designation in deserved detail of Dr.

At the same time it was observed that the deep ditches of the forts, even though they contained no water and still more the deep ravines of rivers and water-courses abounded with the malarious poison." Dr.' Hunter, in his work on the diseases of the army in Jamaica, says," The barracks of Spanish Town consists of two floors, the first upon the ground, the second on the first. This vessel most frequently is injured in gun-shot wounds, the circumstances of which, leave considerable doubt on the mind of the surgeon as to whether the bleeding vessel is the peroneal or the posterior tibial, or sometimes even, the popliteal.

You can readily understand that seats the immediate fixation obtained by this operation is much more perfect than can be secured by any external orthopedic appliance.

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