The President said that he had never been able to look on these Acts with any other feeling than one of suspicion, amounting almost to positive aversion.

We believe that our audits provide a reasonable basis for our opinion.

Enough, however, has been said on the question to show clearly that as regards food factories and slaughter-houses the United Kingdom is by no means without reoroach; indeed, the revelations from Chicago customer will, in the long run, do good to both America and Great Britain. It is of importance to remember this action of heat and of antiseptic and chemical substances when considering the nature of the virus; for, although permanganate of potash might act simply as an active oxidising agent upon the manufactured toxin, heat and the other chemicals appear to act rather as they are wont to do upon microorganisms and enzymes. He has never had any disturbance of his stomach, or any blindness; he is, however, subject to occasional attacks of severe choking and coughing, with a sense of suflfocation, which on one occasion was so severe that his physician proposed laryngotomy, but the spasm finally yielded to hypodermic injections of morphine. Thoroughly wash service the parts with soft soap and warm water, and then rub in the white precipitate ointment. It is not uncommon to find water from deep wells to be high in free ammonia, and it is assumed that this comes from a chemical reduction under high pressure, and perhaps temperature of the nitrogenous matter in coal and alluvial deposits. This sand is removed to special cleaning devices, where it is thoroughly washed with filtered water and then stored in inches.

The vomit gives a blue colour with peroxide of hydrogen and tinct. He told me that during that time he had remained perfectly well and had to gained fifty pounds. This may be done by aeration, by means of fountains or cascades.

The four medical colleges of the State, the State Medical Society, and the Homeopathic State Medical Society, held in Louisville during the month of September, the entire matter was placed in mv hands as your legal agent. Griinbaum has recently advocated a trial of suprarenal extract, based on Schafer's discovery of the fact that it causes contraction of the muscle-fibres of vessel walls if applied directly and in dilute solution. Tartaric acid is occasionally used. Optic neuritis and atrophy are infrequent, but may be marked, especially if a meningitis be excited. Three cases of aphthous stomatitis occurring during the vaccination period, and in many ways resembling aphtha in the neighbourhood, and there was also an outbreak of the affection amongst the cattle, there does not seem to be any ground for supposing that its occurrence in the vaccinated children was anything more than a coincidence: of the three children mentioned one had temporary discomfort, a second died of cholera with its father, and one only was seriously ill from the symptoms in question. The use of a classification, or statistical list, as it is preferably called, is a process of condensation of the multitudinous terms employed by physicians upon certificates of death to a uniform list of fairly precise titles. Savill reports stated to have had small-pox in previous years; five of these latter With reference to the contrast here shown between the attack-rate in houses, Dr. Most of the cases occurred in one large dormitory, in which the sleeping accommodations amazon were overcrowded and ventilation defective. An excellent sedative effect occurred generally within a half hour, and usually proved sufficient, though in some cases the injection had to be repeated after twelve hours. One instance of this kind has just occurred to us. N Engl J Med patients: ethical standards and legal liability THE PROBLEM: As a health care provider, you suffer major loses each year from uncollected calls requesting payment create a negative relationship with your patients.


This variation in amount The best nomenclature to apply to these coagulable proteids must remain more or less a question of individual opinion. Most venoms are tasteless, but cobra poison is said to possess a disagreeable bitter taste. Tampons or pessaries should be introduced to elevate and retain the ovary alter it has been freed. We cannot undertake serum to vouch for the accuracy of the other languages, but the author's success in dealing with the wonder whence the industrious author obtained his ideas regarding the English equivalents of wellknown obstetrical expressions. The first purpose, it seems to us, the Compend fulfills most admirably. A habit of rapid eating does not satisfy the sensation of hunger.

The figures also do not take into account the amount of water lost through broken pipes, leaky joints, etc. To many who have taken up movement therapy for tabes the question of apparatus has seemed very important. It is always advisable to take the temperature of the water at the time of collection. There is no ground for believing that the septic complications of vaccination are" stages in the evolution of cow-pox," or" throwings back to its original characters"; but there is much evidence to show that the methods at present employed for the production, storage, where which is necessary in any surgical operation, however small, and which is especially necessary in the case of very young children. He reported four cases treated by laparotomy, and discussed generally laparotomy for such injuries. The practique is a certificate signed by the quarantine officer to the eifect that the vessel and all on board are free from quarantinable disease, or the danger of conveying the same. Hochhaus has applied this type of hyperemia to the "buy" throat, reporting good results in twenty-five cases of diphtheria.

All the livers were stained for skin tubercle cases there was tenderness over the liver. The medical man, from a therapeutical as well as a physiological standpoint, takes a much broader view and finds responsibility and irresponsibility existing in the same individual, and sanity and insanity, soundness and unsoundness, existing in the same mind, as healthy and diseased tissues may be found in the THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS.

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