Sams of Miami has been elected president of the American Dermatological Association. The market-place where they assembled to discuss the affairs of their community and their environs remained the centre in which the most important affairs of an insular order empire were decided, whose members are considered only allies of the Athenians. Frerichs nnd IViihler have further determined, that oxalic neid results from the decomposition of uric acid in the organism (spray). In September of the same year, in the same journal, we find an article by him on the" Antiseptic Principle in the Practice the antiseptic era, since he first in this article used the word antiseptic in its present sense, a name which has been pregnant of such good influence and Lister was assiduous in his efforts to perfect his method of wound treatment, Lister's views in regard to the essential elements of wound-treatment are still accepted, and these are that the decomposition in a wound, and affection of wounds due to decomposition, are intimately connected with micro-organisms The wound treatment and dressing should prevent the access of microorganisms; but whtn these have entered, notwithstanding every care, they should kill them, or render inert their action. They appear to be formed by protrusions of the mucous membrane between the muscular fibres (sprayers).

Throughout the course of the disease the urine buy should be kept alkaline or neutral if possible. James The following are the Committees, etc., as appointed by the President: Library Delegates to Virginia State Medical Thirty-second Annual Session of the by great dignity of decorum and a most commendable promptness in the dispatch of the business of the Association.

Is manifested in a variety of complications, Neurosis of the as an aching heart, an irritable, sensitive, Heart unsteady organ, characterized by inter missions, irregular action and intermittent pulse. His enemies criticized him for this audacity in rescinding a decree of an Ecumenical Council and had a certain measure of right on their side in doing so. Bermann, of Baltimore, to whom excised tubercles from the patient had been submitted, wherein Dr. Weber lateralized to the right; Rinne negative; Schwabach There was a slight postauricular edema caused by the leeches. I have tried the tincture of the root, and also the fluid extract of the Pharmacopoeia, and though in some instances I have had good results, yet in others I have failed and had the happiest effects with the berries and whiskey. This it seems to us will remove the election from the floor and will prevent great waste of time, which is spent in discussing the election of officers, which should be spent in reading and discussing scientific papers, and also, measures for the advancement of the Association, and methods to prevent disease We offer this merely as a suggestion, and doubtless there are other members of the Association, who have other suggestions to make, which will be more practicable.


Ferent races of men; the sense of sight, like that of hearing, is much greater and keener among all colored Vision, or sight, is performed by the brain, through the most perfect optical apparatus, the eye, by or through which the brain five, with a healthy brain and eye, he can distinguish an object the six-one hundreth part of an inch in size, at a distance of six Myopia, short or near-sightedness, may be said to exist when the distance at which ordinary type can be read is less than twelve inches, and when near objects can be seen distinctly, bright light aggravating the condition.

I have yet to see any evil result from the proper and well regulated application of cold: on the contrary the effect is often wonderful. It has been suggested that the reporting of dissenting opinions reviews be forbidden. Therefore, digital pressure should be maintained on the vena cava through the abdominal wall during these preliminary procedures. Bacteria in those cases which were artificially infected were found with ease in the stitches and in the the stitch region increased the microorganisms became fewer and specimen shows the cellular richness of the central sinuses. We inevitably draw a contrast between this condition of things and that prevailing in some other States where the people take a pride and feel it to be a duty to support liberally their educational establishments, and where it is an every day occurrence for men of wealth to bequeath large sums of money to the institutions from which they graduated.

After the microbe is once hatched, breeding freely, it produces organic or degenerative changes in the nerves, which explains the anaesthesia, or hyperaesthesia, and possibly th-e pigment alterations, so characteristic of the malady. Only eight of the cases, including our own, have originated in the state, although perhaps the patients in three other cases may be originally from Florida, but information pertaining to this aspect is lacking. It strips the human body of the non-yital element, fat, without restriction of diet. From a general survey of the various cases, taking into consideration the uric-acid findings, the urea and non-protein nitrogen findings, the blood-pressure in some cases and the urinalyses, I had rather got the impression that perhaps in the great majority of patients the hyperuricemia was the expression of mild damage to the kidney, and that the difference between those cases in which the uric acid was alone increased and those in which the other nitrogenous elements were likewise increased was one of degree rather than of kind. Neither paralysis of the facial muscles nor salivary fistula resulted from the excision of the portion of the parotid gland. Hospital; Associate in Gynecology at the American Stomach Medical Clinics; Physician to the Out-Patient Department, Children's Hospital; Instructor in Pediatrics, Graduate Surgeon to St.

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