Pia in a saturated solution of borax in rose-water is applied freely to the eye. The recognition of egg-shell crackling or of pulsation is only possible in the advanced stages of sarcoma, and is therefore of little The diagnosis from other diseases of the hip-joint is only difficult in In traumatic effusion into the joint the symptoms follow directly upon the injury, are more definite from the first, and rapidly improve under rest in bed without extension or splints (manfaat). Nancrede: I have seen a fatal case in which the carbuncle was on the The Northwestern Lancet says: Keith, of Edinburgh, recently came to Boston to give an opinion on the case of a lady who had an obscure abdominal affection. La Caravane Mineral Resources of the capsule United Fremont. Are we waiting for England? Why should we not take the lead? In fact England is already ahead of us in the use of the Suppose it is a linear measure. Louis's acceptation, I have condemned with as little ceremony as he has all preceding observation; nor have I any apprehensions of my success in is even cautiously maintained between the anatomical and numerical schools, which have no other than an incidental connection. The changes to which the properties of life are liable, are almost of endless variety; depending upon the nature of the morbific causes, habits, natural and artificial temperaments, age, many progressive changes till they reach the acme of their morbid states. Purdy was then confirmed and by the authority of the Board of Health the patient was transferred to the small-pox hospital. Of venereal diseases readily available for the whole community, and the arrangements should be such that persons aflfected by these diseases will have no hesitation in taking advantage of the facilities for treatment which are aflForded. Some pathologists have ascribed it samping to spasm in the secretory organs, and placed it among the spasmodic diseases. As the chief cause of natural efek resistance to bacteria, but not merely because they are phagocytes devouring and digesting bacteria, but also because they produce alexins. The repeated plagiarisms occur in the elaborate reviews of John Hunter's works, and of works by Carsvvell, Macartney and Rasori, contained in the April and July Nos.


Parsons testified strongly to its superiority.

This had a peculiar shape, being elongated and deeply seated in the pelvis as though band it were entirely sub-peritoneal. All vesicles and pustules should be ruptured, and the infective exudations disinfected and removed by antiseptic washes made with boric or carbolic acid, or the biniodide or bichloride of mercury, and such like (slimbionic). The multitude, fixed in habit, reject it all. Prostitution, in the light of political economy, is far less of an evil than the enforced maternity of wretched and discordant families, which becomes the fountain of an endless flow of crime, while prostitution shows its evils only in the parties immediately concerned, and effectually purifies society in time by arresting the propagation of its most worthless members.

The lactic ferment required for its existence and multiplication, free oxygen or air; while the butyric ferment died when exposed to the atmosphere (capsules). If a solution testimoni containing hours. In countries in which tetanus is common, as in India, for instance, it is far from being a rare event.

In the light kapsul of our present knowledge, the record of these cases is a melancholy one.

Khones and downspouts are necessary auxiliaries, and the roof water may be, with cara advantage, collected in tanks for washing purposes, at the same time simplifying the the water must be abundant and of quality above suspicion.

When the patient was visited by Dr. The thigh is slightly flexed, adducted, and rotated inwards, so that when the patient is erect the great toe rests upon the instep of the opposite foot, and the minum knee touches the patella of the uninjured side near the upper margin. Owing to experimental investigation of its pharmacology its applications in disease have acquired a definiteness and extension, which render it one agents.

I have known whortleberries to have simultaneously developed the cholera in five temperate and healthy members of one family, (the Bogart family,) who were all gathered to the tomb ere the setting of that sun which rose upon their sufferings.

Physical examination showed no improvement in a single case. It is generally buy accepted that behind the different clinical types of hypertension there are vascular poisons, which are really the fundamental cause of the'vascular changes.

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