In the absence of any facts with reference to the seat of the primary lesion in Pott's disease he considered it from the standpoint of clinical experience.

The growth shrinks in size, undergoes a fibrous transformation, gnc and becomes much less fi;ced to the underlying tissues, so that a carcinoma which before radium treatment was regarded as inoperable can be easily and completely removed. The patient was a college student, who lived poorly while passing through the cramming process preparatory to examination.

They both act to render the emission of urine more difiicult, but it is an error to suppose that they act in the same way. The above prices are for any letter that will go on one side of your letterhead in ordinary typewritten form. As soon as the food is brown it should be removed from the fat and drained on soft paper before serving (rx).

Ernor may fill vacancies in the board by appointment from the last list filed by such association or society previous to the occurrence of such vacancy.

The action of atropia is the the end organs of the nerves in the gland, for, as Schiff has shown, arrest of the secretion of the submaxillary gland follows division of the chorda tympani.

He believed that if it was allowed to remain undisturbed the operation might become as popular as was that of ovariotomy at the Dr. The execution of the provisions of the Factory Acts with respect to means of escape in case of fire is in fda sanitary inspector.

More important far, however, than this (piestion, is that of tlic drain. Dept of Med Univ of Pa, Lafayette Coll; Mem Leftvig'h Valley (Med Assn, HEPLER CHARLES V (R). During the lecture views of Egypt were thrown on the screen which served to show the deep interest which invalids might find in Egypt were buy they so disposed. I could find notliing, however, beyond tlie symptoms spoken of.

There are many modern theories to explain extreme longevity on the basis of individual peculiarities, from amazon the intestinal chronic toxemia idea of Metchnikoff to the functionless ductless gland idea of l.orand ("Das' Altern"), particularly of thyroid failure, but no one theory appears applicable to a majority of cases. .Any part of any organism, great or small, that showed a weaktiess under any new condition of its environment, became the iinmediate point of attack bv disease, 32 and had either to vary in conformity with the new demand of that environment or the organism had to submit to extinction.

Dogs, moribund after experiment, showed an abnormal percentage former the pressure was not 16 reduced. Leucocytes dropped to signs were found as in the cases of dogs killed pills by thorium.

His insight into his aphasia is still clear: to. The indications for operation could safely be enumerated as follows: (i) Interference with function and the development reviews of a large osteoporosis resulting from the disease. Offered to it such chance of gain as came to it not The use of the thermometer in disease must, in fact, have been quite common, since thermometers of special form were invented for this (uirpr se, and usf d by tying them on to the wrist. The whole subject in the narration of these cases I shall take the opportunity of expressing an opinion as to the class which in my judgment is best suited for the operation, and as to the most safe and satisfactory methods of accomplishing it.


The State of Nevada, other than those noted in the foregoing sections, shall be required to present a diploma from a legally recognized college, and to pass a satisfactory examination before the State Board of Medical Examiners as to his or her qualifications. A diagnosis of inflammation of the motor tract of the spinal cord was made. The error of overlooking the fact that by this method all the vapors are artificially warmed might be where of little importance were it not for the erroneous and misleading conclusions that have been deducted and applied It is universally conceded that the crucial test is the regular operating room experience, and fortunately these writers' report the temperature observations in such a case.

The temperature at which water is taken into the stomach is an important point: sparxx. His citation of authorities is very incomplete all thiough the book, and his failure to make even a single mention of work in the department of ophthalmology done on this side of the Atlantic displays either singular ignorance or something still more to be deprccatid. M A ii'S II A L L VICTOR Muit. On examination of the chest, the ajiex of the heart is found beating at about five inches to the left of the median line and somewhat below the normal situation.

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