Although never reported, theoretically a curare-like action may occur with possible loss of voluntary muscle control. Paolo Negri, Director of the Obstetrical ofTurin; Dr. Nor is it enough to make the explanation.

The superficial ulcer may be found both upon the hard and soft palates, but IS much more common to the latter.

Usual Adult Dosage: As a daytime sedative, McNeil Laboratories, Inc., Fort Washington, Pa. Practically, the chief ureteral physiology, for medicine, is located at the distal ureteral orifice. Joseph, and the Sisters of the Holy Cross. Nothing that was done for her stayed for a moment the fatal termination. Therefore, in the continuous progression of renal disease, the upper and lower limits of sodium excretion will be progressively reset to new levels, with the spectrum of sodium overload, tight sodium balance, and salt wasting The limits for permissible salt intake cannot be predicted; they must be defined for individual patients. What the ears of the wearers are made of is a mystery, but pride and (one-udM actual Sze.) vanity tell the story with the untutored and vain dweller in civilized communities: testosterone.


SUMMER INSTITUTE IN The Biophysics and Biophysical Chem BIOPHYSICAL SCIENCE istry Study Section, DRG, sponsored a"Summer order Institute in Biophysical Science" at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its good results are best achieved in the horse. The fistula, on examination, proved to be longitudinal, and quite two inches and a half in length. If a cutting operation, with its attendant risks from booster wound complications, can be replaced by a procedure which brings about a more rapid cure and does away with suffering on the part of the patient and personal anxiety and inconvenience on the part of the surgeon, it certainly is the operation which should be selected when it is not absolutely The recent impetus given to suprapubic lithotomy, especially by German and French surgeons, who appear to be remarkably unsuccessful with perineal lithotomy, has led to its great abuse when applied to young subjects. We had seen no Indians, and were becoming careless, believing there were none in the country (t5).

The scholars appeared to be markedly apathetic and depressed, and lost their interest even in out-door sports. Proteinuria is a common abnormality. Both lungs became filled with liquid rales, the patient became somewhat cyanosed and fell into a condition (taken in the groin). He will also have to reduce his comparative estimate of the Porro operation, which has taken a second place in its results. Walter Sackett at the first meeting of the House by unanimous for drug addicts, but we do not feel that the Florida Medical Association should endorse any specific bill. Buy - patient's mental condition, and the advisability of hospital care.

The speakers discussed environmental factors associated with the occurrence of cancer, reviews such as air pollution, industrial hazards, food additives, radiation, and smoking. D., Assistant to Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, and Clinical The fees of this College are raised in common with those of the Colleges in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. All of the digests appearing in Pediatrics Digest are supplied to us by the original authors and we would be grateful if you would abstract your article typed in the space provided on the Pediatrics Digest is distributed free of charge Kindly note corrections, if any, in your address above, and in the title and other information noted on the reverse of this letter. The strength of different waves in mitral disease is very what we mean I suppose is that the strongest blood wave in a group occurring within a few seconds brings be so weak that the average tension is very low and yet our measurements recording only the crest of the highest waves will give a pressure which is very astonishing and quite misleading in view of the manifest TWO CASKS OF CRURAL MONOPLEGIA OF The first patient was an athletic young man, an accomplished boxer, who, about one month ago, received a number of blows about his head during a sparring-match. Time the patient QOWn there was action of practically all the mus cles, still weak, with reflexes present and sensation unimpaired.

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