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But also they had not on an average taken the emetic so early; and that, no doubt, made a difiFerence in favor of those entering the first week. The symptoms amazon of the asthenopia were most marked when the vems were the fullest.

We also speak of a true (direct) and an apparent antagonism, depending upon whether both poisons act upon one and the same organ (nervous system, muscles, glands) or upon different organs; curare, for instance, is only an indirect antagonist of strychnine because it does not act upon the spinal cord, as does strychnine, but upon the peripheral nerves of the muscles.

Two grains may be dissolved in a glass full of water, which is order to be taken in little sips during half an hour. Avicenna, a native of Bokhara, studied in Bagdad, was private physician to the prince of Ray and later Vizier in Hamadan. A COUSIN OF MINE uk WAS A COLERIDGE SCHOLAR AT A HIGHMINDED and costly university. No one appreciates like the physician how the incidence of disease and recovery truly therefrom are largely dependent on ability to secure the reasonable comforts of life. The frontal bone; the cavities or cells below which are b. Moses was not satisfied lifting in thus laying the broad foundations of a social hygiene. New York is a city of abnormal and unhealthy nervous tension. The most important nervous enhancements sequela; are discussed. The patients were instructed as to diet and fresh air and were shown personally buy how they might rest out of doors. The cellular ferments of eye the polymorphonuclear corpuscles, however, had been studied and their destructive action on certain bacteria demonstrated.

Similar observations have been made in connection with the contagion of chicken cholera, lung plague, pox and other infectious of animals of another species. In corpulent men and women, lash particularly, unless the vein is dissected out, a slight change in the incision of the skin and the vein, with the lancet, may cause what is a somewhat unpleasant occurrence for the operator, also for the assistant and observers. Y., as a site for the proposed memorial hospital, it consists of flawless about twenty-four acres, with a large mansion and outbuildings.

Instead of costiveness, diarrhoea occurs in some instances, or the two alternate. Wakeley made a special request that the following confession of faith should be introduced into any notice of his life which might appear in the pages of the Lancet:"Feeling my deep responsibility to God for the position in which in His providence He has placed me, I desire to testify to the comfort derived during my sickness from a lively faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and that I die in the sure hope of a The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal reviews remarks of this class of writers: Sir Henry Thompson is among the noble army of the medical novelists, or, as we might almost say, has gone over to the majority. The examination of a large number of specimens had convinced him that the disease occasionally arose from glands; but he believed that most cases arose from the interpapillary processes of the rete, code independently of the glands, etc.

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