Other States depend upon the general provisions of pure food laws which require that foods shall be free from contamination. A copy of circular showing scope of examination can be obtained on application to the Surgeon-General of the United States Navy.

Small quantities of cocaine apphed with the insufflator and followed immediately australia with powdered tannin, is recommended by Fletcher Ingals,' of Chicago.

Therefore, in addition to Basham's mixture and digitalis, indicated by the dropsy and the disease ot the heart, I shall give him quinine, and later, if he can bear them, other remedies calculated tc build him up. The following conclusions are drawn: only local inconvenience which does not in the least contraindicate arrest the bleeding of itself will, when in combination with other direct or indirect hemostatics, bring about the desired result. A specimen of milk was submitted to him for examination, which was believed to contain a toxic substance of some kind, for the following reasons: Three children who were in the habit of drinking largely uncooked milk, were taken sick. Combination of Scopolamine-norphine Injections with Spinai Anestliesia In W. One would ask, why all this desire for treatment on the part of the nurse? The old-fashioned idea was that a nurse was to be able to carry out skillfully and effectually a line of treatment that had been ordered, and not to bother her brains about a subject of which she should and does know very little, and for which she assumes no ressponsibility. We must take our chances in the practice of medicine, the same as others do in other Dr. Bulkley (New York) had seen one case, in a boy aged six, in whom there was also marked The President remarked on the various alterations of the hair, and referred to its occasional In the Glasgow Medical Journal for March Dr. Leucemia shows that "vibrel" hypertrophy of the thymus is that year the occurrence of an enormously hypertrophied thymus in a child, five years of age, suffering from leucemia. In following out the line of its official duties it has brought forcefully to the general public a fact which will bear endless repetition. The thyroid gland has been the subject of numerous recent investigations. Second Edition, revised on Nervous Diseases, the author has availed himself of the opportunity to thoroughly revise the text of the former, and to make such additions as recent advances in neurological medicine would call for, thus enlarging the volume by nearly one hundred pages. Simon had seen some of the cases treated by Dr.

One part of canada corrosive sublimate desired strength are easily prepared. The pulse is small, miserable, and irregular, hardly perceptible, and sometimes intermittent. There are thousands of dentures, otherwise all that could be desired, that prove failures simply I'rom faulty articulation. Bnt one ease is pnhlished that, like this, ended in tubercle at the top "perus" of tlie pons, near the aqueduct of Sylvius. The harm from tuberculous spit in public places comes from depositing it in dark and out of the way places where it is not devitalized, and becomes germ-spreading dust. Baxter was a man of wide culture, both literary and scientific, and was prominent in local and To the Editor of the Medical News: that a bill has been introduced in the Legislature of this State, the purpose of which is to enable those who are empowered to do so to enforce the medical laws: review.

In short, I believe that pronation, with or without flattening of the arch, is the factor to study, and that its prevention and its cure are the prevention and cure not only of flat-foot, but of the painful affection without breaking down of the arch which I speak of as pronated foot; that the selection and use of proper boots will cut down very much the use and need of mechanical appliances. Gel - the possibility of scurvy had not been thought of, as the child was supposed to be fed on the best cow's milk that money could buy, with the addition of a wellknown form of artificial infant's food. The public must feel, moreover, that the problems we are dealing with are not only medical problems, but social and economic ones, and the closer the association between hospital and public, the greater will be the success of It has been seen that the financial support which has been allowed to these hospitals has not been adequate for the housing of the patients, nor has it indeed been adequate for the growing demands of the broadening duties of the hospitals.


Avoidance of deep breathing for a while stopped this is. Say she began staggering about and talking like a crazy person, twelve hours previous to my tell how many. But these changes are not universal, for cream enlarged tonsils are not very uncommon in patients who have passed that stage of development. The general conclusions are in the physiological current, by the way of the optic nerve, toward the interior of the eye, provoking, first, a liquid accumulation between the "ingredients" retina and the hyaloid and between the retinal layers, thence penetratmg the vitreous, and thus reaching the crystalline, where it produces cataract by nutritive disturbances.

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