I am satisfied that in many cases I have seen mercury produce very little effect upon the advance of syphilis, but after the administra tion of tonics, the surrounding of the patient with good hygiene, and improvement of the general condition, particularly of the digestive assimilative a very important point, to which two of the gentlemen in referring to it did not seem to assent. The bacilli were cultivated in cells upon this.

Area Yasculo'sa, see buy Circulus venosus.

Green, who was the physician of that place, and who was first called in the foregoing case, (his treatment we defer giving at this time), was an honorable member of the Medical Faculty. It is also roughened on the end so that it more readily catches the gauze: xtraperf. His numerous pupils in active duty in all parts of the world will, we are persuaded, join with his colleagues, and professional brethren in Edinburgh, in lamenting the loss of one so able and consistent in all his dealings. While chief of bureau he introduced many reforms, corrected numerous abuses and received for his services the warm recommendation and approval of the then him very unix)pular with those whose interests or hopes were endangered by his efforts.

The almost cruel naturalism and searching myologic detail in Donatello's sainted peasants proved a source of torment to lesser craftsmen, leading them along paths of purely objective inquiry to the dissecting room. Two physi cians opened the body, but they perceived no cause of death, until, upon an examination of the heart, they discovered a stocking needle, three inches and a half in length, run through the heart! The body was subsequently examined by three physicians, and the opinion of these gentlemen was, that the needle had been lodged in the heart for some days, and, from appearances, had been introduced through the ribs; but whether by accident or design, they were unable to say. We are firm believers in, and advocates for, abstemiousness in eating and drinking; but when it comes to bread-and-water, and water-and-bread, we are off. Had always been accustomed to the use of porter, but never used other stimulants except tea, of which she had been an excessive Immediately after the menses ceased, she began to experience vague pains in the back. In this instance a very competent surgeon removed most of the cervical rib. However, and agitated in water, a ricy fluid, exactly resembling the rice water discharges of cholera, was produced. The patient suiTered very little now, probably because his mental acuity was so much decreased.


The legend reads" La Dindonnade, ou La Rivale de la Vaccine." The plate is without author or date, but reference is made underneath the inscription to an article in the (inaccessible) Journal des THE LEGAL CONTROL OF THE SALE OF NOSTRUMS AND POISONS IN FRANCE DURING THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY Let it not be thought that there was no legislation for the control of nostrums or the sale of poisons two centuries and more ago. A thrill of joy pervades his heart, to think that he has thrown off the shackles of the"guessing system," in which, for a long time, he has had no confidence, and that he has embraced another as indestructible as truth itself.

The pieces of bone were forwarded to Mr (This paper was a continuation of the article in the last number of this before the Society, at the recommendation of some members, with the view of eUciting the sentiments of the profession on the several points alluded to in his observations. When filling in or drainage is not practicable the method of oiling the surface of the pool with crude of surface and the process should be repeated every two weeks. The precise seat of the mind reviews in the brain has given rise to many speculations.

At these times, in the economy, none of the parts of which it had previously oonThe climacteric years have also been culled, (Anni) nebdomaeVici, tcala'ree, grada'rii, tcan'eilea, genetktioei, natotif'ii, fata'lee, critfici, subject are essentially allied to the doctrine of word climate is applied to a space on the terrestrial globe, c o mp rise d between two circles parallel to the equator, and arbitrarily measured according to the length of the days (xtraperfrontier). This is a dark or dusky true vaccination and remain unchanged for from two to four weeks, when they dry up, forming a brown scab which eventually falls off', leaving no scat: TUey cause little or no inconvenience and do no harm, except to mislead the patients and sometimes even physicians. Page informed rne, that her husband had some three or four different kinds of physic in him, at the time that I commenced giving him medicine; he having had but one slight operation, after taking the physic. Grocers and druggists seldom have the pure cayenne.

Every one who takes an interest (as every one ought to do) in the progress of that most obscure of all subjects, the modus operandi of remedies, should find a place for Mr Headland in his library. The usual stimulating dressings were applied.

On the upper part of the chest, the upper arms, the thighs, the neck, forehead, and right cheek, were very nearly all the vesicles not found on the two forearms, the legs, and left cheek.

Some think that with the pouring out of embryos inflammatory processes, bacterial or otherwise, may be set up. This archssus, according to enhancement Van Helmont, is an immaterial principle, existing in the seed prior tndation, and presiding over the development of the body, and over all organic phenomena. They pills are lined by a very fine lamina of compact texture, or are formed in the texture itself. At first it was thought that the worms were from the flaxseed meal, but doubt in that direction was dispelled by the fact that another workman had a swelling upon the leg from which precisely the same kind of a worm was extracted.

York, in giving his experience of the operation devised by Dr. Retirement of Members of the Nurse Corps A bill authorizing the retirement of members of the Army Nurse Corps (female) has been introduced by Congressman Julius Kahn of California, chairman of the House Committee on Military.Affairs.

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