Holman Taylor, Secretary of the Association and editor-in-chief of the Texas State Journal of Medicine, is Chairman, is arranging for a party of Texas physicians to attend the American Medical belt Association at San Francisco next month.

And so I come here tonight to say a word to our men who are money-mad, to our women who are fashionmad, to our youth who are football-mad, to our politicians who are boss-mad, and beg them to consider that which is the real thing in this country, the welfare of the citizen, his happiness and his xtreme efficiency. There were twenty-four or twenty-five openings battery of prostatic ducts, which extended up into the prostatic follicles beside the ejaculatory ducts. To illuminate these facts let us adduce chainsaw a few figures. Improvement continued, and two weeks from the day he came under care physical examination was negative, save for a slight increase of vocal resonance at the apex of the right lung (les). Nition of endemic cretinism in regions in which goitre is us prevalent, we next have the observations of sporadic cretinism in England by Curling, who noted that the thyroid gland was ill developed or absent in these cases.

It has been my habit, when the patient exhibited the first sign of uterine exhaustion, and before the uterus had time to be greatly distended by clots, to pass the hand into its cavity and detach the placenta, if adherent partially, and grasp it when not, and allow it and the hand in together to be expelled by the uterine contractions generally excited, and then immediately to administer a stimulant, with or without ergot or opium, as indicated. The left testicle conversion was implicated and much enlarged, weighing nearly six pounds. Being a Yearly Digest of Scientific Progress and Authoritative Opinion in all Branches of Medicine and Surgery, drawn from Journals, extreme Monographs, and Text-Books of the leading American and Foreign Authors and Investigators.


The Arkansas, sports Red and Canadian rivers, with their tributaries, drain the Territory. According to the report of the Surgeon-General for the fiscal year terminating It is richer in specimens illustrative of the results of gunshot wounds, and of the surgical operations which they necessitate, than any other collection in the world (charger).

It seems not unlikely that this was a review case of pure typhoid peritonitis, and had it been seen earlier might have been treated successfully. By no 1800mah means, returns his neighbor practitioner, it is as clear as the sun in mid-heaven, that your ferruginous preparations are of no worth, the stomach being in such condition, that however needed, they can not be intro duced into the blood; moreover, your so much lauded muriatic tincture will only serve to irritate still more the stomach, and prevent, as incompatible with it, the exhibition of a remedy of more worth than all others besides. The first delirious manifestations consist in the car refusal to submit to treatment. This gentleman certainly deserves much price credit for his persevering diagnosis and treatment may yet be eflPected.

Chloroform and chloral had no online good effect. H G W, K O T M, D O Ophthal and Otol in RuslMed Coll; Asst Surg IT Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmy; Practice Limited te Ry; Attndg Phys St Francis and Burlington stick Hosps Lectr on Surgy, Burlington. After ten to twenty sittings, one bank each day, the most rebellious attacks are cut short.

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