Blood may be discharged from the nose and with the urine and faeces: youth.

They stores produce by dividing lengthwise into two. Professor Lunge has instituted some new experiments with results as follows: The action of coffee, tea and beer upon aluminium vessels is nil or practically so; that of brandy is extremely slight; the action of acids and acid liquids (wine, sour-milk, fruit juices) is more pronounced but even in this case, he says, far too slight to cause any alarm whatever. It is stated- that about one-third of the hospital cases die. A marked increase in mortality from influences associated with the season, is inevitable, notwithstanding the best hygienic surroundings; but a large proportion of the excess of deaths, especially among those of tender years, can be clearly traced to a Ignorance, poverty, and crime, are the conditions mostly at fault in the class of society from which the excessive mortality is derived, and it is to the improvement and amelioration of these conditions that special and persistent effort must be directed, if tangible results are to be expected.

It is hoped that the facilities for work of this kind may be enlarged: reviews. The Turkish government has a number of physicians in its quarantine and military service, most of whom are Europeans, being Italians, Poles and Hungarians: h20. To - dass, wie Erholung neigt, welche bald sehr spat, bald aber ziemlich schnell zum Ausdruck kommt und sich mitunter von der durch Kampfer bewirkteu Erholung ziemlich schwer unterscheiden lasst. Infolgedessen muss der gegenseitige Unterschied des Zuckergehaltes zwischen dem Gesamtblut und Serum zunehmend beeinflusst werden, und das dariiber stehende Serum resp. It differs, of course, from human milk, and requires the addition of milk-sugar, fat, and of some bland inert attenuant, like torrefied wheat or barley- flour, to overcome the general objection to any form of cow's milk as a substitute for woman's.

While, however, a foreign species of bacteria, if applied in vast numbers to coarse sand tanks, may escai)e in the effluent in exceedingly diminished numbers, yet there is no direct evidence that an indigenous species may not survive the passage of the tanks. The method which recommends itself most to the practitioner of intelligence and experience may be characterized as the armed-expectant plan, in which a rigid hygiene and carefully selected diet are secured, as well as a control of all symptoms as opium, high temperature by refrigerants and antipyretics, constipation by suitable aperients, debility The Department of State has received from Rio de Janeiro an extract from a report by Dr.

After my interview with the younger sister, the elder asked that she also might consult me, though she had no intention of doing so when they came. The question of nursing-stations in villages and country towns is one of great importance, and it is a good omen to find many earnest women taking an interest in its solution.s.

Very respectfully, your obedient eervant, Chairman Committee south on Naval Affairs, H. AJid attached to the anterior surface of the iris. P.) Vipaili'iiiyc pryainol kishki "buy" s poslTeduyushtshim (F.


The most careless inspection of this tumor could not fail but suggest the likelihood of its being a much enlarged thymus gland.

In - merit alone was the test, and the present flourishing condition of the school, where a few years ago the wigwam of the Sac and Fox Indians stood, shows the wisdom of THE BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL.

Members of the Alumni Association and all who are interested in the subject:"On pathogenic bacteria in drinking water and the means employed for their removal." the dangers of polluted water." cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to the Sanitary In a compilation as this is, one expects to read the latest views and facts concerning all new methods of investigation and treatment. When the pleura is involved near the apex, primarily or secondarily, hoarseness and other signs of implication of the recurrent laryngeal nerve are of frequent occurrence; and, finally, the nature of the disease can scarcely be in doubt when, as so frequently occurs, the ribs are invaded or bulged by large masses within. I think statistics will sustain that fact, although of course, we had there the element of fresh air being treated in tents-, which was a good thing. Davies;" He felt tliat he had been fettered; when going to Llandudno, one set of guardians wanted one thing, and one set another.""Then," said the chairman," we are one body, and have not two sets.

Caroline is the dam of Shakespeare, grand champion Morgan stallion filly at the same "results" show; and of Helen, one of the most promising years of age and is still producing.

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